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Our RANGE of BLACK BEAUTY® products

  • Low free silica
    less than 0.1% compared to sand at up to 99% free silica
  • Fast cutting
  • Consistent gradation
  • Control during application
  • Moisture-free
    will not rust, pack or attract dampness
  • Gives a high degree of etch for better bonding
  • Meets Industry abrasives specifications and Environmental Standards
    including SSPC AB1, MIL-A-22262B(SH) and 40CFR 261.24a (TCLP)
  • Low dusting
    passes California Title 17 (CARB)


BLACK BEAUTY® blasting abrasives are known for their high quality, low dusting and low free silica attributes. They are utilized in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications including removal of surface coatings such as rust, paint, and scale from variety of substrates, especially structural steel and concrete. These structures include bridges, ships, water tanks, off-shore drilling rigs, oil field equipment, pipelines, marine equipment, railcars, and steel machinery.

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THE ORIGINAL BLACK BEAUTY Coal Slag Air Blast AbrasivesBLACK BEAUTY GLASS crushed glass air blast abrasivesBLACK BEAUTY IRON copper slag air blast abrasives


BLACK BEAUTY® abrasives pass the newest and most technically advanced abrasive specifications in the marketplace. They exceed federal and California standards, thereby enhancing worker safety and reducing costs associated with special waste handling and worker liability insurance. Learn More

BLACK BEAUTY® Roofing Granules

All Harsco roofing products are sourced from an environmentally sound, recycled coal combustion co-product.  Our roofing products are manufactured and tailored to provide optimum strength, performance, and longevity for our roofing customers. We also have the ability to deliver custom granule sizes to meet the most stringent or unique requirements. Learn More