HARSCO's Utility Services

A major business initiative for Harsco is to provide a value added service to utility plants around the world. We strengthen our long-term supplier relationships while providing a solution to the issue of site waste removal in the form of coal combustion by-product. Harsco provides a "green" service in obtaining the product and engineering it into BLACK BEAUTY® abrasives and other "green" products for the marketplace.

Why Outsource?

Utility plants face increasing pressure to sustain their competitive advantage and focus their skills and resources on the core business activities of delivering dependable, reliable power to customers when they need it. Competitiveness can be improved by outsourcing non-core activities to a professional service provider like Harsco.

Progressive utility plants recognize that having a professional partner like Harsco to manage and take responsibility for coal by-product removal makes business sense. Outsourcing brings utility plants benefits through:

  • Capital relief
  • Cost reduction and control
  •  Internal skills and resources focused on core processes and competencies – making electricity
  • Access to Harsco's co-product marketing expertise
  • Access to investment in research and development
  • Specialized professional capabilities

Harsco has evolved to meet the numerous challenges facing today's utility industry and constantly strives to develop services and technologies to meet the needs of its clients. We operate with the following principles that are the core of partnerships:

  • High integrity and ethics built from the Harsco Corporation Code of Conduct
  • Focus on the environment – recycling, reuse, "green" principles in all aspects of our business
  • Health and safety – a commitment to compliance and coordination with our suppliers and customers
  • Win-Win relationships – both parties benefit through open communication and commitment

If you or someone within your organization is interested in a successful partnership with Harsco (a market leader in "green" services and solutions to utility suppliers), please contact us today at 1-888-733-3646. We welcome the opportunity to replace your issue of coal by-product removal with a quantifiable benefit and long term solution for your organization.